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VactorTM Storm and Sanitary Sewer Jetting and Hydro-Excavation

Fremouw Environmental Services offers sewer and pipe jetting with vacuum services utilizing our state-of-the-art Vactor 2100iTM machine.

Environmental Services

Fremouw Environmental Services, Inc. as a full service provider offers a complete range of services for customers needing hazardous waste disposal. When you have environmental responsibilities and their associated liabilities, you must rely on the capabilities and expertise of your service provider. Fremouw Environmental Services, Inc. (FES) maintains an excellent record of compliance with regulations governing health, safety and the environment. A culture of compliance is a way of life at FES and it is our first priority to help our customers stay in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations.

24 Hour Emergency Spill Response

24 Hour Spill Response Services

Fremouw Environmental Services offers 24-Hour Emergency Spill Response Services for a broad range of incidents including but not limited to hazardous materials.

With over 20 years of service and extraordinary expertise, our firm can handle any of your emergency needs. Our response times and level of service set FES above other contract companies.

Vacuum Truck Service

Aluminum, Steel and Stainless-steel vacuum truck fleet consisting of over 20 units capable of hauling flammable, corrosive and non-hazardous material.

Fremouw Environmental Services offers a large fleet of liquid vacuum units ranging from 70bbl bob-tail trucks to 150bbl semi-trailer units. When you need to move a large quantity of fluid or sludge in a short period, we have you covered with our high flow machines. When you are looking for a vacuum truck company to handle your residential or commercial Sanitary-Sewer-Jetting-Hydro-Excavation clean-up, Fremouw Environmental Services is the company you need.

Roll-Off Bin Service

Steel 10 – 40 yard Roll-Off Bins, Interceptor Bins, Low Profile Bins and Support Ramps

Fremouw Environmental Services offers a fleet of roll-off bin container support equipment. When you need to move or store a large quantity of solids, we have you covered. We employ 10, 20, 30 and 40 yard open and poly closed top bins. Our bob-tail single bin trucks as well as “rocket-launch” multi-bin units can handle all of your storage and waste removal requirements. In order to support the quickly growing hydro-excavation industry, FES has placed into service low-profile 10 yard bins allowing direct dumping of moderate clearance vacuum equipment.

Drum Removal & Lab Pack Service

Packaging and removal of nearly any hazardous or non-hazardous waste stream.

Fremouw Environmental Services offers a variety of “Lab-Pack” or waste pack-out services. Our professionals, in compliance with all regulatory and industry standards will provide inventory, waste profiling, packaging and drum removal services unequalled by any other contract firm.