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Hazardous waste management

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  • Chemical Plants
  • Service Stations & Fuel Terminals
  • Industrial Plants
  • Laboratory
  • Illegal Dump Sites
  • Automotive Industry
  • Grocery/Hardware & Retail
  • Power Generation Sites
  • Winery /Agriculture
  • Hospital/Healthcare
  • Construction Sites
  • Rail, Marine & Shipping Terminals

Services & 

Services & Waste Removal

  • Non Hazardous
  • RCRA & Non RCRA
  • Drums, Totes, Containers & Cubic Yard Boxes
  • Acids & Corrosives
  • Chemicals & Toxins
  • Paint, Latex & Oils
  • Ink, Glues & Resins
  • Fuels, Oils & Grease
  • Aerosols/Cylinders
  • Batteries of all types
  • E Waste & U Waste
  • Emergency Cleanup
  • Excess/Out Dated Materials

Drum Removal & Lab Pack Service

Drum Removal & Lab Pack Service

Packaging and removal of nearly any hazardous or non-hazardous waste stream.

Fremouw Environmental Services offers a variety of “Lab-Pack” or waste pack-out services. Our professionals, in compliance with all regulatory and industry standards will provide inventory, waste profiling, packaging and drum removal services unequalled by any other contract firm.

Compliance with all regulatory and industry standards

With over 20 years of service and unparalleled expertise, our firm can handle any of your hazardous material needs. No project is too large or too small from small storage locker remediation to huge chemical facilities “pack-outs.” FES is extremely proud of our ability to bring our clients into compliance with local and state regulators.

We can also provide containers, spill containments and waste solutions to keep your facility in compliance. Spill kits can be custom designed for your facility or service to contain occurrences before material can reach drainage or harm the environment. Our experts will ease the navigation of waste and material handling needs in the difficult climate of regulation.